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For your first appointment, we allow an hour to ensure we introduce the surroundings, harness and Treadmill to your pet at its own pace. No animal is forced to do anything before it is ready to. It’s important to us that they find the experience fun. We use high reward healthy homemade treats to encourage any nervous behaviour and you’ll soon find they can’t wait to come back for more.

Hydrotherapy Costs

  £50 for a 45 minute appointment.

    £45 for 10 prepaid sessions.


This will include a shower before your pet enters the treadmill.

20 minutes in the treadmill and then a shower and dry off afterwards.

Some pets will benefit from various excercises to compliment their Hydrotherapy session. If this is the case, these will have been specifically selected for their condition by Sally Medcalf when you attended a Physiotherapy assessment before coming to Hydro Mac. Based on Sally’s recommendation only, we can incorporate these into your appointment with Hydro Mac for a small additional fee of £15 for 15 minutes worth of treatment. Some customers find getting the technique a little tricky at times so this is an ideal way of ensuring your pet gets some of the additional home exercises it should have along with being a refresher for yourself to see how it should be carried out.

For larger numbers of dogs from the same family, please contact me to discuss.

Home Boarding

   £45 per night per dog

Currently Fulland unable to take on new customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Day Care

  £35 per day per dog

Currently FULL and unable to take on new customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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