For a pet’s birthday or Christmas present, they work well being added to some home made treats. Therefore you give a treat to the dog and a keepsake for the owner.

- £15.00

Made with love and attention to detail during the rare occasions I get to spend time with my mum in Somerset who teaches pottery and has been a potter for over 40 years. It’s a very therapeutic hobby and lets us enjoy some quality time together.  See Chapel house Pottery link at the bottom of my home page for more details.


These unique little gifts are great to give as a present for any dog lover. Hangers with un- patterned surfaces at the bottom of the hanger can be personalised with any name of your choice.

Many people have bought them to put above their pets bed or out-door kennel where the hanger was personalised with their name on it. Others have bought various pieces to hang off their Christmas tree or to use as unique personalised gift tags, while alternative options would be to hang from a door handle.

The hangers are handmade from stoneware. Patterns are cut out which are then they are left to dry out until leather hard.  They then have the holes cut out of them so they can be strung together. Once they are dry enough, they get biscuit fired and then are ready to be glazed. Once glazed, which is brushed on by hand, they are then fired again. Once finished they are ready to be strung together to make into hangers.


- £10.00


- £7.50

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