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Bliss, a 5yr old 32kg Greyhound chased a deer through a hedge and down a ditch resulting in a PCA (Pancarpal arthrodesis) Bone marrow was taken from her shoulder to aid a surgical fusion. A metal plate was screwed to her radius and metacarpal bones supported by a compression bandage. The other Carpal was fractured which required a cast for 6 weeks. Until investigations confirmed the damage, cold wraps had to be applied throughout the day and night to control the swelling. She had to be carried to the toilet & contained in a safe restricted area to eliminate further damage and medication was administered three times a day. The condition required various check-ups & constant observation to ensure she didn’t lick her toes or her cast causing dermatitis and infection. Restricted movement was required for 6 weeks & took a minimum of 8-10 weeks before gentle short lead walks could be introduced.

Complications occurred when the toes of her operated leg suddenly started to swell and signs of dermatitis were noticed. With the vet’s advice, consent and instructions I had to remove the compression bandage, swabs and gauze, clean the wound and leave it uncovered so the air could dry it out and at the same time ensuring Bliss did not lick them. The biggest concern was that the leg could swell due to the compression bandage coming off a lot earlier than intended. Cold wraps and gentle massage were carried out during the day and night to minimise the chances of the leg swelling.

After Bliss’s 6 week check up, the cast on her fractured carpal was ready to be removed but one had to go on the operated leg as a precaution because the x-ray showed that there was still some healing left where the cartilage had been removed in the wrist bone so that it would fuse together. If there were any hairline fractures at this point it would result in the metal plate having to be removed and her leg going into a cast for a lot longer, so the precaution was to avoid another operation.

A rehabilitation plan was put together which included 10 minute lead walks to the garden and back 3-4 times a day along with regular massage and ice wraps. Gradually lead walks were increased each week and low level exercises were introduce at each stage to teach Bliss how to walk over objects and assist her into doing everything she once did before the accident. Bliss was also given a bone supplement to help slow down any arthritis in the injured joints.

 5 months later, with the help of regular Hydrotherapy, exercises and Physio, Bliss can now do everything she did before the accident including climbing up and down stairs, jumping on and off the sofa, getting in and out of the car and going for the same amount of walks and distance she used to do before.

Bliss stayed with us full time for 8 weeks and then went back to her owner in the evenings. She was then collected every morning to continue her rehabilitation and care during the day while her mum was at work.

Treadmill Hydrotherapy helped her gently build up wasted muscle, sooth any aching joints from offloading onto the stronger limbs and prepared her for normal exercise. Her owner received her back when the injury was no longer so over-whelming or time consuming.

For most people, our pets become members of the family, companions that we love and cherish and we want them to have the best we can provide. Unfortunately though, at some point during your pet’s life, it will be quite likely that they could need routine treatment involving sedation, or worse still, have an accident that results in them needing sedation and some form of surgery which will require a much higher level of aftercare.


If you have every been in the unfortunate situation where you have had to deal with your pet being injured, then you will know the kind of impact It can have on your life when you are trying to juggle work with home life and at the same time give the ultimate care your pet needs. It’s a worrying, costly and stressful time but having the right type of insurance goes a long way to help in these circumstances as many insurance providers allocate a certain amount of money for complimentary therapies such as Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy because they are proven to be of benefit.


Once your pet has been discharged from hospital, providing the correct aftercare is the most crucial stage of its rehabilitation to get right. If the correct amount of time and treatment can be invested in the beginning you should find that the recovery is that much quicker therefore cheaper and less time consuming in the long run and eliminates the risk of having to have further corrective surgery.

However, Sometimes because of work commitments or the fact that your job may involve you working away from home regularly, it’s not always possible to achieve this without support. It’s a well known fact that employers aren’t as understanding if your pet needs post operative care compared to a child for example, therefore adding more pressure to an already very stressful situation and this is where Hydro Mac Post Operative care can help you.

We have several crates that we can make up and put wherever we need to so that if we are doing something in another room or outside in the garden for a while, your pet can be with us wherever we are and see what is going on therefore not left on its own to get stressed or lonely.


A combination of Hydrotherapy with Physiotherapy will provide your pets with a holistic management programme, both therapies enhancing one another. Hydro Mac has a close association with VIP Vet Physio, owned by Sally Medcalf, ACPAT....................   Read more

Home Boarding

Our Home Boarding has a reputation for quality over quantity. We are fully licenced, Insured, CRB Checked and hold an up to date K9 1st Aid qualification. We fully understand how precious your pet is to you, and how stressful it can be at............   Read more

We introduce all sorts of things to keep your pet happy and to preoccupy them such as providing them with stuffed cong balls, gentle grooming, massage or just spending quality time fussing  and stroking them. If they are able to stand up and walk around in a restricted area,

then we hide homemade healthy treats in various places for them to sniff out. Depending on what stage of rehabilitation they are at or require, if they are sociable and would benefit from being around other dogs to aid their mental wellbeing then they can join in with some of the things are day boarders do, or simply just have the company of other VIP’s (very important pooches) staying with us.

Your pet stays in our home as one of our family. We provide a large comfortable crate lined with a memory foam mattress and snug throws for your pet to snuggle up in. During the time your pet stays with us we sleep in the same room downstairs so that your pet is not left on its own at night and we are there for them as and when required.  From this room we have ramp access onto the garden so that your pet has less distance to go when needing the toilet. Baby gates are located at each doorway and around our central island in the kitchen which provides great restricted area’s yet at the same time allowing some controlled movement for your pet.

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