Animals with an orthopaedic condition will alter the way they move, shifting their weight to off load sore joints or injured tissues, as will those who have a neurological condition that alters their strength or balance. These altered movement patterns create muscle imbalance and secondary strains in other parts of their body. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy will address these secondary problems whilst also treating the primary condition.

A combination of Hydrotherapy with Physiotherapy will provide your pets with a holistic management programme, both therapies enhancing one another. Hydro Mac has a close association with VIP Vet Physio, owned by Sally Medcalf, ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist.


A physiotherapy assessment will evaluate your animal’s movement pattern, spinal and limb joint integrity, strength, mobility, co-ordination and functional abilities. It will identify joint dysfunctions and any lesions present in muscles, tendons or ligaments, which are causing the problem presented.


Treatment programmes are prescribed to relieve pain, enhance both the quality and speed of healing of injured structures, re-train new efficient movement patterns, and regain lost function.

In accordance with the law, veterinary consent is needed before treating any animal. You can download a referral form and health check form below.

Programmes may include:

· Joint mobilisations

· Massage and Myofascial release.

· Passive and dynamic stretches.

· Electrotherapy: Ultra sound, laser, pulsed

  electromagnetic energy therapy

· Ice or heat therapy

· Exercise programmes to improve:

- Muscle strength

- Core stability

- Balance and coordination

- Body awareness

- Gait re-education

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