Mac’s Snacks generally get purchased when the customer’s dogs come to either stay or attend Hydrotherapy. They are also available when we attend fairs.


Mac’s Snacks are made from fresh produce and do not have any preservatives in them, due to the nature of the ingredients they are not made in big batches and are intended to be consumed within 2-3 weeks. Ideally they should be kept in the fridge or an airtight container if your pet allows you to keep them that long.

They are often used when hiding healthy treats in the garden when its play time for the doggy guests or used to ensure any nervous Hydrotherapy dogs love coming here.

The range keeps growing but here’s a few  to name but a few……….


Liver Sausage Biscuits, Herby Fishy nibbles, Buttermilk Bones, Cheesy heaven bites, Banana & Carrot biscuits, Muesli goodness, Sausage biscuits


Grain free varieties coming soon.

 They are all home baked here at our home where we always have very keen fluffy four legged customers willing to trial them out and to give them the paw’s up. So far, even the fussiest of dogs have loved all the entire Mac’s Snacks range to date, so the range keeps growing.

Mac’s snacks

are mainly packed in 100g – 150g bags and range from

 - £1.50 to £2.50

Large Mac’s snacks pack

A larger selection pack is available for

- £5.50

as well as just cubes of Liver Cake which is a top favourite and can be frozen along with being eaten from frozen.

 Liver cake with hanger

- £15.00

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