This low impact cardiovascular exercise is great for all dogs, regardless of size, and is great for patients that need some form of controlled weight bearing exercise. It not only helps improve heart and lung function but also encourages the patient to use the limb it might otherwise not use.

Hydro Mac works closely with Sally Medcalf, founder of VIP Vet Physio who is a ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapist. A combination of the two therapies ensures your pet gets a thorough holistic approach aiding a faster recovery.

I have full control over the speed of movement, increasing and decreasing as required. Regular interval breaks are given to enable continuous health checks which ensures the session is tailored to the patient’s needs.

Hydro Mac offers a Hydro Physio Underwater Treadmill  machine, with an extra-long and wide chamber to cater for the larger dogs with longer strides. The treadmill has a built-in incline allowing uphill, downhill and flat walking; with this function we can concentrate on certain muscle groups or conditions.  According to the animal’s individual needs, water height can be adjusted to alter, resistance for muscle strengthening;  stimulus to increase range of movement at a specific joint; buoyancy  to decrease compression of joints; and buoyancy to assist body support and balance.

Post Operative Care

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Home Boarding

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Hydrotherapy is not limited to injured dogs. It’s great for various pets including cats. It is also fantastic for general fitness. This prevents injuries and allows the patients to exercise in a supported and controlled environment.


….in short it’s an essential tool to rehabilitate injured animals.

I am fully insured and hold an up to date Canine 1st Aid Certificate. I have attained the nationally recognised ABC Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals.

Hydrotherapy Costs

        - £50 for a 45 minute appointment.

          - Or £45 for 10 prepaid sessions.

This will include a shower before your pet enters the treadmill.

20 minutes in the treadmill and then a shower and dry off afterwards.

Warm water provides thermal properties, relieves pain, promotes blood circulation, and relaxes recuperating muscles. The water is kept at a constant 28-30c and is sanitised to the highest standard which is checked and monitored by an outside professional water company on a monthly basis., tested 2-4 times a day and adjusted accordingly. Water therapy can reduce swelling and assists in an earlier return to normal exercise. It also helps prevent or correct secondary complications such as muscle contracture and gait abnormalities. Exaggerating the animal’s movement and gait whilst in the water increases movement of the joints that the animal doesn’t use on land.

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· Cruciate ligament problems

· Hip and elbow dysplasia

· Degenerative joint diseases and arthritis

· Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)

· Soft tissue damage; muscles, tendons, ligaments

· Sprained joints and joint subluxations

· Muscle atrophy

· Bone fractures

· Neurological damage or disease

· Spinal injuries and paralysis

· Spinal strokes (FCE)

· Obesity and weight management

· Maintaining mobility of elderly animals

· Pain relief for swelling, arthritis, and general stiffness

· Pre-operative – fitness programme

· Post – operative rehabilitation

· General fitness for all dogs, especially working and competition dogs, to

  maintain strong healthy muscles and prevent future injuries

Conditions and symptoms benefiting from hydrotherapy

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