Our Home Boarding has a reputation for quality over quantity. We are fully licensed, Insured, CRB Checked and hold an up to date K9 1st Aid qualification.

We fully understand how precious your pet is to you, and how stressful it can be at the thought of having to leave them with someone else. That’s why we offer many unique services that you won’t easily find anywhere else. We have put in place several ideas to reassure you that your pet will absolutely love their stay with us.

For Licencing purposes we set up a file for your pet which will contain a picture of them, copies provided from yourselves of your pet’s up to date inoculations & medication requirements if applicable. We make notes of your dog’s stay with us including how they were around other guests, feeding time, how well they slept at night and where they were most comfortable & how they were whilst out on their walks.

We try where possible to take some video footage where possible of your dog having fun and being relaxed whilst in our care, just so we can reassure you he/she has had fun, been walked and is totally content.

We offer an email or text service which can be daily if required, to update you on your pets stay with us so that you can enjoy your holiday knowing they are enjoying theirs.

We have a variety of activities and fuss time that we offer your dog to ensure he/she enjoys every moment of their stay. Activities range from playing in the doggy paddling pool, hide and seek, where, either we hide from the dogs and they have to find us or we hide treats around the garden and they have to sniff them out! We have various toys including Kong balls jammed packed with fresh cooked frozen meat or fish which entertains them for ages (We separate the dogs at feeding time or when giving Kong balls to ensure no one falls out and so that everyone can enjoy the experience safely)

All our walks are either woodland walks, or field walks around the Chilterns. We tailor the outing to suit your dog’s needs and ability. If your dog is nervous of other dogs, then we take our time to introduce him/her to our other guests, one at a time and don’t move onto the next introduction before your dog is ready.

Dependant on weather conditions and your dog’s capabilities, we offer a minimum of  two 1hr walks per day but these are not timed or rushed, they are what they are and we enjoy them all. The usual routine would be to walk around 1-2hrs in the morning and around 1-2hrs in the afternoon with the additional options of play time in

In the evenings after your dog’s day of activities and fun, we all settle down in the lounge where there are a number of cosy choices of beds to chill out on, including a 6ft by 4ft bean bag which seems to be everyone’s favourite! There are no hard beds here at Posh Paws, just top quality thick squidgy luxury beds lined with sheepskin rugs or fur throws for added comfort. This is where we find the dogs love being brushed or gently stroked/massaged, and before you know it they are in doggy dream land!!  My Partner Jim even plays the guitar to them and we’ve not had one complaint yet!

When it’s time for bed, I leave them where they are most settled so there is no strict routine to have to put them in the kitchen if they are happy, content and safe where they are. We have two baby monitors, one in the kitchen and one in the lounge which not only allows me to view your dog to ensure they are happy and content, hear them if there are any disturbances but I can also set it to take snap shots during the evening to reassure you they have slept like a baby throughout the night. If your dog is used to sleeping upstairs in their own home, then this is also allowed with us. If for any reason any dog was a little unsettled on its first night then one of us sleeps downstairs with them until they have found their confidence. Our top priority is that your dog is completely happy & content so we do whatever it takes to accommodate that.

Post Operative Care

For most people, our pets become members of the family, companions that we love and cherish and we want them to have the best we can provide. Unfortunately though, at some point during your pet’s life, it will be quite likely that they could need...........   Read more


A combination of Hydrotherapy with Physiotherapy will provide your pets with a holistic management programme, both therapies enhancing one another. Hydro Mac has a close association with VIP Vet Physio, owned by Sally Medcalf, ACPAT....................   Read more

For dogs that are used to sleeping in a crate at night, we have extra-large ones to accommodate their needs and to ensure they have plenty of room.

For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Home Boarding Price

       - £39 per 24hrs for per dog

Day care Price

       - £30 per day for per dog

the garden with your pet’s favourite toy or game. For our tiny guests, we offer a free piggy back service when they are tired! For really wet days where the rain is lashing it down and your dog doesn’t like those conditions, we have mentally stimulating puzzle, and find the treat games. We sometimes introduce basic clicker training sessions that all the dogs to date thoroughly love and get a lot of enjoyment from. We only use either homemade or grain free treats.

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