These jumpers keep your dog warm because they cover the tummy and neck along with being made of wool which helps keep them cosy. Depending on how adventurous your dog is when let off the lead, they are ideal to be worn on their own on dry crisp winter days, some like wearing them in the house, or simply as an additional layer under their winter waterproof coat. Many people who live in the city find them particularly popular where their dog mainly walks everywhere rather than being let off lead to run around and warm up.


Each jumper is handmade and all are one off’s therefore no two are the same unless a special order has been placed requesting us to make matching jumpers. You won’t ever bump into someone else with the same jumper. Each jumper has a large button hole at the neck point so you can attach the lead to the collar. They simply pop over the head and button up between the front legs and along one side. Each design has the “Posh & Pucker” label and charm on it. We can knit any colour you like to compliment you or your home if you like everything co-ordinating, and to give it that special touch, why not add a detachable flower or accessory.

Detachable Handmade Broaches


These really make your pets jumper stand out from the rest and you can add as many as you like and place them wherever you think they look best. You can even wear them yourself! They simply clip on and clip off and will not fall off while your dog is walking around so long as you have taken care to secure them fully.


Made from felt, beads and bits of jewellery, these are all one off’s and no two will be the same.




Neckers Prices


Our necker’s are great for those dogs who don’t need a full jumper but that could benefit having their necks kept warm due their jackets stopping short leaving the neck area exposed. Each Necker has a large button hole so the lead can be attached through it which keeps it in place and has the “Posh & Pucker” label and charm on it. These can be knitted in any colour you like.


SMALL – Start from £10


MEDIUM – Start from £15


LARGE – Start from £20


Prices can vary depending on the yarn used and if any additional requests are made.

Jumper Prices


SMALL –  Start from £35.00


MEDIUM Start from £45.00


LARGE – Start from £55.00


Prices can vary depending on the yarn used and if any additional requests are made.

To be on the safe side, all jumpers should be hand washed and laid flat to dry and you should avoid the jumper being near any Velcro otherwise this can hitch the yarn.

Greyhounds and alike not only are short haired but carry little fat, so in the winter they tend to suffer from the cold more than most.


Despite my Greyhounds having fleece lined waterproof jackets for the winter, they still suffered from the cold so this inspired me to design and make something that looked nice and that fitted them properly.

It took many attempts to get the fit and style correct, but with a lot of help from my fabulous knitting guru Val Masters we now have a lovely collection of Bespoke jumpers that will keep your hound snug and warm during those chilly winter months ahead.

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