In May 2013, Maccy had his own log cabin built in the garden and his machine was installed shortly after. We couldn’t have gone to all that trouble and expense without naming his cabin so very originally, we called it “Hydro Mac”.


Initially, it was just for Maccy’s use, but as friends and people saw it when they came to the house, it became evident that it could help all sorts of dogs with various problems so now, thanks to Maccy, he shares his machine with many others who benefit from it.


I have always loved dogs and animals from a very young age whilst growing up on a farm, but my real passion for dogs grew further when I wasn’t looking for one, and was up to my ears in property renovations. I landed up falling in love with, and adopting two rescue greyhounds Becks and Grace. Their future was looking pretty bleak and no one wanted them both together, so thankfully I was in the right place at the right time to offer them a lovely life so that they could see out their twilight years with me.

Because of their gorgeous nature and ease to look after, two soon became three when Maccy, a 6 month Greyhound Lurcher  joined the family. He came plodding over with his long lanky un-co-ordinated legs and bouncy floppy ears and my heart melted on the spot! He was described as a whippet cross, but with those size 10 paws I thought not, and as time went by, he just grew and grew and kept growing until he became the largest out of the three! He has turned out to be such a gorgeous natured boy with a wonderful temperament and character.

Whilst living in Minehead in Somerset, when Maccy was 18 months old, he damaged his Cruciate which eventually resulted in an operation. Unfortunately if I knew then, what I know now, his rehabilitation could have been so much more successful. He went through several phases of being ok and then lame again. Eventually Hydrotherapy was mentioned but the nearest centre to me was 26 miles away. Regardless, I wanted to try it so off we went and by the 2nd session, I could see improvements that I’d not seen with everything else I was advised to do. After about 10 sessions he was able to be off lead without aggravating his knee whatsoever and the muscle wastage was less obvious.

I then moved to Aylesbury in 2009 and whilst out on a walk, Maccy was paddling in a brook when he suddenly leaped out and took off at a rate of knots. Shortly after, there was a yelp and he came running back to me on three legs holding his bad knee up. I took him to Hydrotherapy, and once again, after a few sessions he wasn’t limping anymore. However, every now and again, he’d go through lame spells, so it was back to the hydro. By now, it was evident that Maccy would benefit from Hydrotherapy ongoing, probably for the rest of his life if I was to preserve his knee and to make him more comfortable, so that’s when I decided to get qualified myself and invest in his own machine.  I really wanted to be hands on with his future rehabilitation and to be able to give it to him as and when he needed it without having to juggle around work or centres opening times.

Sadly Becks & Grace are no longer with us, but both reached a good age of 12 & 13. Between the three dogs and all the great adventures we shared, they have been my inspiration for everything I do for dogs to date and without them being part of my life I wouldn’t be enjoying such wonderful opportunities and helping all the dogs that I do.

The Making Of Hydro Mac

Post Operative Care

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Home Boarding

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